MOS6000 Fabrication de Panneaux Solaires en Aluminium


  • Designed and engineered for full automatic cutting of the aluminum frame profiles of Solar pannels.
  • The line consists of a double head aluminum profiles cutting machine, working with fully automatic loading and unloading conveyors.
  • Frame profiles are cut in long and short sizes in automatic cycle. Long cut pieces are unloaded onto the long conveyor and short cut pieces are unloaded onto short conveyors.
  • 1 complete frame (4 profile pieces) are cut within 20 seconds.
  • 4 profiles can be cut simultaneously side by side.




  • Max. ProfilE Length:     7.000mm
  • Min. Piece Length:       300mm
  • Max. Piece Length:      1.500mm
  • No. of Servo Axes:        3
  • Long Axis (feeding axis) size:       7.500mm
  • Rotative Axis (Conveyor Belts):     2.000mm
  • Short Axis (unloading axis) size:   1.500mm
  • Long Axis Speed:       150m/min.
  • Rotative Axis Speed:    20m/min.            
  • short Axis Speed:        100m/min.
  • Saw Blades Diameter: 550mm
  • Cutting Motors Power: 3kW
  • Max. No. of Profiles simultaneously Feeded:    4
  • Max. No. of Profiles simultaneously unloaded: 4
  • Total No. of Workers including the operator:     4
  • Yearly Solar Frames Production Capacity:        360.000 Pieces (250days, 8 hours)